29 - 31.10.2010
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Cross-country skis at Moscow Ski&Board Salon: Nordic Ski Sprint

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Moscow Ski&Board Salon 2010, Ski Build Expo: 29 - 31.10.2010, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
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Collective stand: CROSS-COUNTRY SKIS

Cross-Country Skis: Nordic Ski Sprint at Moscow Ski&Board Salon.

The concept of the project:
Organization of a ski sprint at two parallel tracks.
For this, at the expo venue of Gostiny Dvor, there will be set up a ski stadium and made two pairs of looped ski tracks.
The total length of the loop is 400 meters.
Seeing the peculiarities of the architecture of Gostiny Dvor, the tracks will have a certain relief consisting of short uphill and downhill slides.

Nordic Ski Zone.
The purposes of Nordic Ski Zone (hereinafter referred to as - NSZ) are attracting exhibitors and visitors to Moscow Ski&Board Salon, and popularization of skiing and healthy lifestyle among the general public.

The NSZ consists of:
• Man-made classical ski track consisting of two parallel ski-runs
• Start/finish zone
• Equipment exhibition zone
• Check-room and changing zone with a bench
• Victory podium with a backdrop
• Café

The zone is branded with banners and flags of the partners of NSZ – the major players of the Russian market of Alpine ski equipment.

The NSZ features:

• Testing of skis, ski poles, ski boots and bindings from the exhibitors of Moscow Ski&Board Salon
• Contest – ski sprint for everyone
• Skiing for everyone who brings their own skis and poles
• Show rides

Testing of skis, ski poles, ski boots and bindings from the partners of NSZ:
The testing continues during the working hours of the exhibition.

Contest – ski sprint for allcomers
During the first two days of the fair everybody can do a qualification round for speed. The results are displayed at the indicator board and are published on the Internet. The rounds are combined with the testing of the equipment, skiing, and show runs. The qualification rounds are done on a separate trail. There are no strict rules or regulations – which contributes to the warm and friendly atmosphere. The number of qualification rounds is unlimited. On the third day of the fair, the final rounds are taking place. The contest is organized among the following groups:

•• Skiers of the basic age (21 plus)
• Children and juniors are divided into age brackets starting from 7 years of age at 2 years’ step: 7-8 years old, 9-10, 11-12, etc.

The winning triads are awarded valuable prizes from the partners of NSZ, and prize certificates. To be able to find better opportunities for attracting the strongest of athletes, in the main group, it might be advisable to consider the possibility of awarding monetary prizes.

Skiing for everyone who brings their own skis and poles
Anyone can test the artificial coating bringing their own skis and poles. The skis need to have a sliding surface, and need to be free from any wax.

Show rides

Partners of NSZ get the opportunity to expose their product in action through the show rides. For the show rides, the organizers of Moscow Ski&Board Salon and NSZ are inviting the models to the team – attractive-looking boys and girls that are capable of showy skiing.
Apart from that, during the finals, there will be a possibility to consider the prospect of our Olympian Legends skiing – such as Nikolay Zimyatov, Alexander Zavyalov, and others.

To exhibit at Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo please contact:
Telephone number: +7 (495) 681 25 30, 688 13 44

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