29 - 31.10.2010
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Moscow Ski&Board Salon Business program: Conference “Sports industry: key features and vital trends”

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Moscow Ski&Board Salon 2010, Ski Build Expo: 29 - 31.10.2010, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
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Business program organized within the framework of Moscow Ski&Board Salon

- Conference Hall (see floor plan)
- October 29 2010

Sports Industry: key features and vital trends
RMA innovational and educational company, “Management in Sports Industry” faculty

The conference is meant to:
- Update the participants on the current state of the sports industry and introduce them to its modern tendencies
- Master the most important skills of analysis and adapting one’s strategy of brand promotion (product, service, club, personal, etc)
- Get the practical skills in the field of addressing specific issues in the area of creating new brands of sports goods

Dear sports industry specialists!

To make our work more effective, we suggest that you help the organizers in forming the business conference. Please send your suggestions as to what topics you would like to discuss at the event:

- Branding in the work of a sports goods manufacturer or how you effectively promote your brand in the crisis.
- Stock formats on the sports goods markets
- Effective PR-solutions for sports companies and projects
- The place of PR in the marketing system Setting PR goals for the sports companies and projects on the basis of functional analysis and SWOT analysis
- Direct communication with Mass Media Classification of Mass Media, analysis of the specifics of building up the communication channels PR tools in the direct communication with Mass Media (newsletters, press-release, press-conference, briefing, press-trip, presentation, and so on)
- Event PR/Classification and the specifics of the events according to the target audiences (b2b and b2c), and according to its forms (trade fairs, conferences, seminars, presentations, etc) The main methods of event PR (partnership, reports, briefings, VIP-marketing). GR

We are waiting for your ideas and insights at parafilo@mail.ru until September 20 2010

Business owners and top managers, brand managers of sports goods manufacturers and suppliers, owners and managers of retail stores, sport clubs, ski resorts, investment companies, and mass media representatives.

2 Hours
Organized by: Moscow Ski&Board Salon team
Supported by; Andrew Malygin, head of committee of Association of sports goods manufacturers, assistant professor of marketing chair of Russian State University for the Humanities, head of specialization “Management in the Sport Industry” of RMA innovational and educational company.

Visiting accreditation:

Full name_________________
Job title_________________
Tel: _____________________

Send to parafilo@mail.ru ; subject “Sport Industry”


ALL the exhibitors of Moscow Ski&Board Salon 2010 get the right to a free announcements of their new offers.

We are waiting for your releases at nastya@skiexpo.ru


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