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Ski & Board Salon /Dates and figures

XIV Moscow International Ski & Board Salon / Ski Build Expo

The organizer: SalonExpo / Legal entity "Ertzog-Expo".

Supported by the Federal agency on tourism (Rostourism ), the Russian union of tourist industry (RST-RATA).

SKI & BOARD SALON 2007 / Ski build expo-6 have received salutatory words from:
The head of Federal Agency for tourism V.I. Strzhalkovsky.
The head of Federal agency on physical training and sports V.A. Fetisov.
The president of Russian Olympic committee L.V.Tyagachev.
The head of Dmitrovskiy municipal region of Moscow area V.V. Gavrilov:
The president of the Russian Union of tourist industry S.P.Shpilko.

On 1st-3rd November, 2007 in Gostiniy Dvor 14th Moscow International Ski & Board Salon has taken place.

As always Ski & Board Salon 2007 is a platform of meetings and dialogue between fans of sports lifestyle, professionals and a unique audience of specialized tour operators, national offices on tourism, Russian representatives of the world sports brands; the unique Russian exhibition project that does not have analogues and allocated against a variety of the exhibition industry by the format.

The exhibition brings people the spirit of a sportive way of life, simultaneously showing to professionals style of carrying out of such actions, as a business exhibition combination (stands, conferences, master classes) and show, promo-platforms.

From organizers:
Though the weather conditions of the previous season were not perfect for development of the winter sports industry, nevertheless, this year among the participants of Salon there were many "new comers" and returners.

"Tourism" section has pleased us with constancy, in a good sense of a word - predictability and independence of weather cataclysms. According to the interrogation of the operators - participants of Salon 2007, in this season there is a growing of ski and board tourists leaving Russian boarders! The unique project Mountains of Russia and the CIS has presented to the visitors of Salon our native resorts. There were "beginners" even among worlds ski resorts.

Developing the status of a "national" exhibition, organizers have returned the artificial slope project - which this year was organised by WESTCOM and Flammable Family with support of the official VOLKSWAGEN dealer Avto-Prestus and Men`s. Health magazine.

Within the limits of Salon 2007 celebrating of the 60 anniversary of rock-climbing has taken place, children were not forgotten either the children's climbing park has been established.

B2B section of Ski & Board Salon appeared to be the brightest - Ski Build Expo (mountain-skiing engineering). This section has grown with the number of new participants - the reasons are clear: Sochi-2014, interest of not only "mountain" regions in building and refreshing of mounting skiing resorts, but also "non mountain" areas in building own ski centers. Good luck in realization of your projects!

We expect to meet all of you at Salon 2008 - 15th anniversary Ski & Board Salon!

The Business part of Salon has been presented by master classes from tour operators, specialized conferences at mountain-skiing engineering section and presentations of sports equipment manufacturers. The brightest moments of the business program have been:

Presentation System of skiing slopes classification (ROSTOURISM).
Presentation was held Pisarevsky Evgenie Leonidovich the Chief of Legal department of ROSTOURISM and Gavrilov Andrey Jurevich - the head of the Central classification System skiing slopes. Aproximately 60 people have taken part in the conference: representatives of resorts, representatives of the firms which are engaged in operation of ski complexes, mass-media, representatives of associations, tour agencies, investment companies.

Organizer of a seminar - Agency of sports communications 360 SCA. Using events as an effective tool for communication with the target audience.
2. Definition of targets and goals of the event, algorithms of the concept formation.
3. System approach to planning and holding of the event.
4. Choice of time and place and effective utilization of their potential.
5. Optimum use of resorts resources during the event.
6. Advertising - attraction of the certain audience to the certain place at certain time.
7. Effective usage of PR tools in a context event.
8. Examples: foreign and Russian practice of events holding.

Presentation of Fischer cross-country skis professional collection.
The organizer of presentation: Fischer Russia
New models RCS Carbonlite, professional racing sticks RCS Carbonlite and other novelties of a season 07/08 have been presented.
The seminar was held by the Austrian representative of Fischer Company Max Buttinger and a living legend Alexander Zavyalov. On the organizers opinion, the idea of holding conferences within the limits of salon is very good since clients come to Ski & Board Salon, and it is easier for organizers to gather a proper target group.

Presentation of the catalogue "Mountain-skiing industry", published with the support of NP "Meeting of the mountain-skiing centers" and PH "Strana I Mir". In the catalogue the companies which are engaged in consulting, designing, building, delivery of the equipment and service of the mountain-skiing centers are presented. The catalogue will be demanded by heads of the mountain-skiing centers and investors. In the presentation took part: director NP B.V.Petrov, general director of " Ertzog" Musinjants M. T, general director of ID as H.H.Gloov, representatives of firms, participants of the catalogue general director of SKADO" A.E.Kozlovsky, technical director of "GORIMPEKS " G.N.Bovsky, general director of " ARKTAL" J.V.Valuev, general director of "KANT" G.E.Arievich' and others. The participants have congratulated project heads on a catalogue publication and wished successes in the further work.

The organizer of a seminar: WYSS
Manufacture of artificial snow is widely claimed recently. But it depends on temperature of air which necessarily should be below zero degrees. Global warming leads to reduction of quantity of days in a year, suitable for snow manufacture by traditional way.
Company WYSS develops and makes the unique equipment for manufacturing of natural, ecologically pure snow at any ambient temperature.

Presentation of leading tour operator "VREMYA - TOUR ". News of Andorra. Secrets of successful sales.

Presentation of the international tour operator ASCENT TREVEL - Austria. Mountain skiing resorts.
The presentation has passed together with Council about tourism for Valley Ottstal (TOURISMUSVERBAND SOLDEN - OTZTAL ARENA) with the assistance of the Austrian representation on tourism.

Presentation of a new flight "Moscow-Lyons" from airline "Transaero".

From participants of an exhibition:
Participants 2007 speak about Ski & Board Salon, advise, criticize.

- I thank for the help rendered at building of stand VKO, for high degree of the organization of the exhibition-2007, an observed order, high attendance, competent PR (VKO Group).

- We loved it all! ("ANCHOR").

- All top-level! (skiboarder.ru ).

- It is too noisy in the pavilion... (LEITNER).

- To expand a theme "care of mountain-skiing complexes in the summer" (PROFPARK).
- All is presented optimum. (WIND ROSE).

- To organize a similar summer action (Boardsport).

- ALL is excellent! More competitions and show (KANT).

- To improve process of entrance-building-departure (BASQUE).

- If your firm is not present on Ski & Board Salon, it means it is not present in the market as well! (ATOM / Velomir).

- More adult solvent public:) (Pac Group).

- 1. To make zones (the First zone - Tourism and rest, 2nd Zone Building, the Third - shops etc. 2. To make a separate zone for negotiations: the first reason - it is noisy, the second reason - is a lot of visitors - "vagabonds". 3. To clean mountain and a rock-climbing - of any function both for visitors and for exhibitors (except 10 lucky beggars from the ELITE) these remarkable constructions do not bear... The permanent job of a scene with leaders and show from ONBOARD was much better that year. In general not so and badly (park "Yakhroma").

- The Ski & Board Salon became good tradition, thanks organizers. This place of a meeting of friends, partners in business, discussion of plans for a forthcoming season est. In general as party - 100 % good luck. From lacks - in my opinion there is no professional part for visitors. Also the good exhibition catalogue on which it would be possible to be guided "in space and time" is necessarily necessary. (rasc.ru ).

- The Ski & Board Salon is that action which waited, wait and will wait I do not represent our industry without this action and the fourth day, and not three metre passes, and six, as very high attendance is still necessary. You good fellows! (Magazine PROSPORT).

- The best exhibition of year. It is necessary to do something with arrival, to block street or to open additional gate, it would not be desirable so to suffer next time (INNA ROUND).

- Mountain-skiing salon - it always the Holiday! (Asent Trevel).

- Thanks for work! You are good fellows! Not so conveniently - badges for participants are not named. - counting on exhibition from a photo and name (Company NPF "Datakrat").

- All good. It is very noisy at current. It is necessary to fix rigidly silent and active hours on exhibitions. Penalties to register in contracts. (Westcom co organizer of a mountain-skiing slope within the limits of Ski & Board Salon 2007).

- The idea of holding conferences within the limits of salon very good since our clients specially come on Ski & Board Salon and to us is easier to collect necessary target group, besides, visiting of a seminar does not demand additional expenses. (FISHER).

- From an exhibition there was a bright impression of a holiday. Are very grateful to organizers for excellent public relations. From wishes - the zone branch promo basic exposition, and is obligatory to add to the private hotly interested people one more day - revival, in order to avoid such avalanche of thirsting visitors in the unique day off!) the most interesting profile exhibition of year, thanks! (SKO-ROUND).

- It was pleasant to all of us! (The Operating Company Snow City).

- The exhibition differs the best degree of the organization. (TIME-ROUND).

- Every year there is a remarkable place for a meeting of friends, in love with the fine world of mountain skis - and this place Mountain-skiing salon! Thanks for a holiday, which always with us! (Cyril Zimogorsky, Groups).

- As a whole, the exhibition has passed well! (Girvas M Sports).

About the project "MOUNTAINS of Russia and the CIS countries" within the limits of Ski & Board Salon 2007:
"The excellent project allowing small firms, in Russia and the CIS countries to prove to be engaged mountain-skiing tourism and which they represent products. To people interestingly not only to go in the countries of Europe, many are pulled in the former USSR, for example in Tsahkadzor, Chimgan, by Karakol. Very much I hope, that this project will develop and henceforth, giving the chance to develop and restore long time to the forgotten resorts of the former union. Many thanks for it to organizers of salon!
It would be desirable to see more participants within the limits of this project from all ends of Russia and "

DYNAMICS (quantity of visitings and exhibition area change):
The area under stands - net = 3 800 sq.m. the Cumulative area (gross) taking into account show platforms = 10 000sq.m..

The COUNTRIES participating in Ski & Board Salon-2007 / Ski build Expo-6:
Austria - 1, 72 % (5),
Bulgaria - 0,34 % (1),
Canada - 0,34 % (1),
Chile - 0,34 % (1),
Finland - 0,34 % (1),
France - 7,24 % (21),
Germany - 1,03 % (3),
Italy - 1,38 % (4),
Lebanon - 0,34 % (1),
Liechtenstein - 0,69 % (2),
Norway - 0,34 % (1),
Poland - 0,69 % (2),
Russia - 82,07 % (238),
Sweden - 0,34 % (1),
Switzerland - 0,69 % (2),
Ukraine - 0,69 % (2),
USA - 0,69 % (2),
Switzerland - 0,69 % (2).

Has undressed "sports" - 98 firms, "tourism" + of l. Resorts - 99, ski build expo - 48.

SKI -2007 / Ski build Expo-6 - the accredited VISITORS:
In advance 1870 persons were accredited: 78 % - Moscow and area; 24 % - tourist industry, 39 % - sport business, 12 % - experts, the interested service of of l. Complexes.

BY EXPERT estimations - SALON 2007 has visited about 40 000 fans of mountains and visitors - professionals.

Summing up - PROCEEDS


XIII Moscow International Ski & Board Salon/ Ski Build Expo

Organizers: SalonExpo / Ertzog - sport.
Ski & Board Salon passes in support of Federal Agency of The head of Federal Agency on tourism (Rostourism), Russian Union of Tourist Industry (RST-RATA)..

The Salutations to Ski & Board Salon 2006:
The head of Federal Agency on physical training and sports Fetisov V. A.
The head of Federal Agency on tourism Strzhalkovsky V. I.
The president of Olympic committee of Russia Tyagachev L.V.
The president of the Russian Union of Tourist Industry Shpilko S.P.
The head of Dmitrovskiy municipal region n of Moscow area Gavrilov V.V.

( ).

At the ceremony of inauguration of Ski & Board Salon 2006:

Dear friends! SalonExpo Team welcome you!

SalonExpo it is the Ski&Board Salon, International Forum Ski Resorts. Construction and investments / SkiBuildExpo and weekly Internet-digests SalonExpo.

The main achievement of all exhibitions, in our opinion, are visitors and exhibitors. About 38000 people visit Ski&Board Salon! Sincere thanks for such support! This amount of visitors speaks that the Salon is necessary for many!
We want to emphasize our friendship with 300 companies - participants of the Salons (actually we have MUCH MORE friends, 300 is a quantity of participants of the Salon 2006!).
The important component of success of annual projects - novelties.
The novelty of Salon 2006 has become a special attention of the organizers to Russian Ski resorts and as a result the creation of the project Mountain of Russia. For the first time take place the program For the maximum safe Free ride , also they will take place the World Cup final on rock-climbing - all this will become one of the biggest stapes to the union of associations and companies occupied in extreme sport and active leisure.
Ski&Board Salon is a couple event in the which boundaries they will take place practical conferences, presentations, seminar, competitions and others.
In the boundaries of the conference - program specialists and ski couple engineers will find the novelties at the B2B stands of the Ski Build Expo-4: Ski resort development and exploitation, they will take part in the conferences concerning the tress light , safety at the pests and new form of rent. The tour agent will learn about the novelties from Tour Operators of the world resorts. Also they take part in master class of Vremya Tour, Ertzog tourism.

Organizers are trying to give maximum abilities for they target audients. For getting information from the first hands, experience exchange, filing the data banc, bridging, signing previous agreements.

SalonExpo Team (the legal name is Ertzog-Sport) - wishes all participants and visitors of the Ski&Board Salon 2005 and Torum SkiBuildExpo-2 - SUCCESSES!


The advertising summit is September- October 2006. All kind of advertising was involved: press, radio, TV, Internet, out door/extensions in streets of Moscow, regional advertising campaign.

2. DYNAMICS (number of visitors & changes of expo area)

Work area = 3 800 square meter
Total area (work & promo) = 10 000 square meter

2. COUNTRIES - participants in S&B Salon - 2006


(328 participants)

Number of Brands presented every year from 1995 till 2006 at the Ski & Board Salon.
The data was made with brands on ski, snowboards, equipment, accessories.

5. Moscow Ski & Board Salon: visitors

Moscow Ski & Board Salon was visited by 40 000 peoples.

The number of mountain tourists(Argument: data of charter & regular flights.)

Tourism: The volume of Ski Tour Market.
The organizers tried to compute the number of tourists visiting Ski Resorts of the world
Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany - 92 thousand, Andorra, Bulgaria - 20 - 25 thousand, Slovakia, Switzerland, Norway - 15 thousand, Turkey - 8 thousand.
More than 150 thousand of tourists.
(The info presented by Tourinfo magazine)
Data is mainly collected from the charters flights. Individual tourists are not included

Sport Market: Volume and dynamic of the Ski Market Russia.
The leading distributors discover their data, that makes it possible to appreciate the market objectively.
The work is made by Analytic Center MOSKIT. Hear enclose the table representing Ski sales for the year 2006

The market volume as a whole as increased twice. Demand for the expensive skies has increase dramatically.

at the table

1. 118800 05/06
(60000 03/04)
1.Overall volume of market 118800 ski pair for the season 05/06 (60000 pair 03/04)

2. (%)
( )
2. Part at the market (%)
Part at the market (ski pair)

3. Volume of sale

4. 8 1500 .
4. 8 brands, in more, with the volume of sale till 1500 ski pair.

The representatives of the regions, who have visited S & B Salon

Moscow 76,40 %
St.-Petersburg 1,40 %
Obninsk 0,29 %
Tula 0,50 %
Ekaterinburg 0,19 %
Sergiev Posad 0,30 %
Novosibirsk 0,40 %
Chelyabinsk 0,90 %
Voronezh 0,90 %
Samara 0,80 %
Kaluga 0,80 %
Kazan 0,20 %
Perm 0,70 %
Rostov-ON-Don 0,70 %
Kolomna 0,60 %
Nizhni Novgorod 0,40 %
Odintsovo 0,80 %
Tolyatti 0,40 %
Kiev 0,10 %

6. Promo-area and parallel programs of Ski & Board Salon:

Final - World Cup on Boldering at Moscow Ski&Board Salon.

For the first time the destiny of the World Cup on Boldering settled in Moscow. After all the stage of Big tournaments about 150 athletes, representing 30 countries will come to Moscow. The Staff is international.

Annual Prize in tourist sphere "Star Travel.ru"

Awarding of the best resorts, tourist directions and travel companies by results of 2006.
Nomination: The best Russian ski resort; The best place for winter leisure; The best company in ski tourism.

Demonstrative show of the skaters in the half pipe from Freestyle Dist. & Skater.ru

One of the most extra ordinary skate event of the year. A grate half pipe will be place for the first time in with they will take place the competition of the bests skaters of Moscow. Skaters will show their best trucks - Adio Picnic Table.

hill out from DOSKI magazine.

Each stand tries to be more attractive for the consumer et the S&B Salon. All time: noisy and informative.
DOSKI magazine suggest to create a Chill out zone at the Salon. There you can have a rest, watch the latest movies on snow board and listening to the music. Each day will represent a certain music stile.

Lottery at the SKI & BOARD SALON

A specials projects at the S&B Salon 2006:

We present a Free ride zone and united stand Mountains of Russia Also as apart of S&B Salon their will take place the conferences and the master the classes (sale of specific active tours, avalanche safety in mountains, building).

Free ride zone Novelties

The work of the Free ride zone will take place under a slogan: For the maximum safest Free Ride. At the stand you will be able to meet pro riders, guides and legendary persons. You will be able to watch unique films about Free Ride & Safety.
Special attention is paid to avalanche safety and the of pist riding region in Russia.

United stand Mountains of Russia:

Representatives of ski business in Russia gather in the united stand Mountains of Russia. This is a great opportunity to get information about Russian winter tourism potential, to find out the peculiarities of the ski tour sales.


Data collection and processing - department of marketing of the company Ertzog Sport / SalonExpo.

Contacts: Organizers of "Ski & Board Salon"
the company Ertzog Sport LTD

1 Khoroshevsky proezd 12/3
125284 Moscow Russia
Phone +7 (495) 945-71-33, 70-23, 60-01
Phone/fax: +7 (495) 945-70-23
E-mail: ski@skiexpo.ru



1. Quantity of business contacts at the exhibition?
less then 50 - 50.91%
more than 50 - 43.64%
other - 5.45%

2. How would you assess the supporting program?
Useful - 85.45%
Useless - 10.00%

3. Are you going to participate at the Ski & Board Salon-2006?
Yes - 72.73%
Likely - 18.00%
No - 1.64%

4. Do you agree with the sections (tourism, sports goods, ski resorts construction)?
Yes - 74.55%
No - 14.55%

5. How would you assess time and place of the Salon?
Completely convenient - 61.82%
prefer earlier - 27.27%
prefer another place - 7.27%

quantity of visitors - 38 000, quantity of forms - 2 345

1. Sex
Male - 55%
Female - 45%

2. Age
2.1. under 25 - 37%
2.2. 26 40 - 30%
2.3. over 40 - 19%

3. How many years do you ski or ride on a snowboard?
3.1. 0 - 25%
3.2. 1-3 years - 36%
3.3. 3-7 years - 19%
3.4. over 7 years - 19%

4. Acceptable(for you) price of the week holiday at the ski resort
4.1. under 600$ - 45%
4.2. 600 - 1000$ - 43%
4.3. 1000 - 1500 $ - 10%
4.4. over 1500$ - 2%

5. How much money do you spend on ski/board equipment every season?
5.1. under 600$ - 28%
5.2. 600 - 1000$ - 13%
5.3. 1000 - 1500$ - 8%
5.4. over 1500 $ - 4%

6. Your status
6.1. student - 30%
6.2. general director, CEO - 20%
6.3. top manager, manager - 31%
6.4. other - 12%

7. Which category do you belong to? (multiple variants are possible)
7.1. sports retail/wholesale company manager - 5%
7.2. ski resort manager - 4%
7.3. tourist operator company manager - 5%
7.4. travel agency manager - 7%
7.5. technical specialist - 6%
7.6. prorider, ski guide, rescue officer - 6%
7.7. ski/board fan - 83%
7.8. other - 10%

8. Purpose of visit? (multiple variants are possible)
8.1. professional sphere - 25%
8.2. search for traveling variants - 34%
8.3. search for equipment - 34%
8.4. ski resorts development - 4%
8.5. other - 8%

9. Ski resorts
9.1. You plan to open a ski centre - 3%
9.2. You `d like to carry out calculations - 3%
9.3. You plan to buy equipment - 4%
9.4. other - 16%
no answer - 52%

10.Which source do you learn about the Salon from? (multiple variants are possible)
10.1. Salon 2004 - 34%
10.2. at work - 17%
10.3. from friends - 32%
10.4. Internet - 22%
10.5. billboards - 6%
10.6. other - 2%

14-2, Bolshoy Vlasyevsky per., office 34
121002 Moscow Russia
Phone:+7(095)241 66 10
Phone/Fax:+7(095)241 09 23
Moscow Ski&Board Salon

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